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SWEET S.W.A.T Ep.01 Orange Cheesecake

SWEET S.W.A.T is a music video baking show. We aim to make you bake with fun and joy. We started our first episode with "Orange Cheesecake". This recipe is guarantee by more than 10 years experience baking chef in Thailand. We put unlimited both orange segment and liquid. Then you will fill like you were sinking into orange ocean.

Here are the ingredients ..


Digestive Biscuit 125g

Unsalted Butter 50g


Cream Cheese 250g

Unsalted Butter 63g

Sugar 125g

Eggs 2

Sour Cream 63g

Orange Juice Concentrate 50ml

Orange zest 1 tbsp

Orange segment 300g


Sour Cream 187g

Orange Juice Concentrate 40g

Sugar 13g

For the method, you can follow by the clip. If you have any questions, you posted on the comments. Chef will reply you soon as soon as possible.

Take care and enjoy baking


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